16 Mar 2023 | Healthcare | blogs

Hyper-Targeting Patients: are we ready for the next gen phase in marketing?

The two emerging models of patient centricity in healthcare: patient outreach and engagement, are being redefined by technology and data explosion.

The proliferation of data-driven systems and technological advances including wearable tech is enabling more personalized patient outreach initiatives. Just take Microsoft's recent announcement of doctor and clinic ads, which aims to help healthcare professionals reach targeted patient segments in a revolutionary way.

The value proposition of patient engagement among healthcare institutions is also evolving, as it goes beyond mere appointment scheduling applications. This is all on the back of AI-driven software solutions and preventive healthcare, aiming to design customized programs for high-risk populations. The global market for preventive healthcare alone is expected to cross $500 billion by as early as 2030.

Healthcare marketing, as a domain, has long battled with issues like data privacy in achieving widespread implementation of ai/ml-based targeted marketing, but players are now innovating with novel technologies like digital engagements and remote monitoring through solutions devised on consent and compensation.

Ai-driven Martech (Marketing Technology) portfolios are actively being built by numerous leading healthcare providers, all in hopes to revolutionize the patient journey as we know it.

Read on as Jasper Colin explores the dynamic landscape of hyper-targeted marketing with perspectives from leading healthcare institutions and global technology vendors of incidental sectors.