Believing in tech enabled research, Jasper Colin is revolutionizing traditional research execution with best in class in-house research and project management tools for seamless project execution and fast turnaround.

Research Agnostic

Multi pronged data solutions using a range of methodologies like primary Qualitative and Quantitative studies augmented with Social Media Monitoring and Analytics support. For each engagement, our platform is customized to automate research execution and reporting to track everything at one place.


Our platform allows clients to define master login and custom login so that their teams from different functions can focus on their projects. Our team ensures the custom logins are hyper personalized for each research engagement team.


Our technology is a multi-purpose technology built to answer any or all questions you have. From project management to news intelligence to your quick queries on our processes and capabilities, we've covered everything. Our industry experts curate content as per your interest and expertise and you get all this at no additional cost.

SeamlessDynamicUser friendly

Seamless visibility on project execution process.

  • Access to all stages of the project
  • Real time updates at your finger tips
  • No more muddling with your mails
  • Quick access to all escalation points