Universal Data Connect

Jasper Colin's universal data connect embeds multiple sources to reach out to your customers and revealunbiased and authentic stories.

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Unbiased Stories
Direct-To-Customer Route

Proprietory Data
with Highest Depth & Breadth

Uncover the truths about the market directly from the people most adept in that expertise

Hard-To-Reach Audiences
with Highest Response Rates

No matter where your target audience is and how complex their profile is, we deliver their voices to you.

Automated Data
Intelligence Process

World-class research solutions delivered through smart technologies enabling transparency and nimbleness.

Stories Suplemented With

Deep Industry Knowledge & Data Mining

Extract value from multi-dimensional structured and unstructured data sources

Government data, Online Journals

Social Media
Search, User
generated content

Filings and Transcripts

Client Internal
Data to

Web Scraping

News, Opinions
,Scientific articles and syndicated reports

Fast, Accurate and

Credible Data

Leading to Better


Get Granular, Faster and Reliable Insights

See the unseen with a lens of granularity and clarity -leading to a dependable output

Get pre-vetted insights through best-in-class quality checks

Better sampling and systematic quality check process gives zero-error data leading to robust data analysis

Make good decisions from data, with the right insights

Engaging into insight analysis with reliable data points can lead to better problem solving