World’s best process adaptable team with MR functional expertise to provide end-to-end support for managing and executing all market research engagement as your extended team

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Best-in-class functional expertise

Be it survey programming or questionnaire development or data analysis, we assure the world’s best resources carrying well crafted expertise in their respective functional areas

Plug and Play Work Culture

Our team is loaded with soft skills to easily gel with your organization’s work culture. This saves lot of training and on-boarding time

Unified Technology Platform

We provide you full transparency from project management to resource management through our latest and most advanced TaaS Technology platform

TaaS Suites

TaaS Suites

TaaS Primary Research Suite

  • Questionnaire Designing
  • Survey Programming
  • Primary Research Surveys
  • Data Processing
  • Data Analysis

TaaS Design and Dashboarding Suite

  • Power BI Dynamic Dashboard Services
  • Tableau Report Dashboard Services
  • Powerpoint Auto - Charting

TaaS Desk Research Suite

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Key Account Profiling
  • Market Entry Intelligence

Proven Business Continuity Plan

Proven Business Continuity Plan

Robust Business Process

  • Quick response time
  • Compliant to regulatory requirements
  • Timely communication to stakeholders
  • Quick response to scale up/down demands
  • Manage data sources, processes and reliable data quality


  • Robust IT infrastructure
  • Automation for minimizing errors and advanced reporting mechanism
  • Well equipped for a remote work environment

Potential Disruptions

  • Plan B is ever-ready to address potential disruptions like power outages, pandemics, natural calamity, political turmoil or cyber security attacks

World-class data security management

World-class data security management

Workforce Regulation

No internet access within the premises where it is not required or avoiding copying data by the employees through USB, paper, phones, and other devices also helps in regulating data security.

Secured Systems and Software

Best-in-class systems and software help in storing data in multiple layers of security significantly helps in minimizing the chance of data breach and retrieving it faster.

Physical Security and Control

Special security aspects like locks and password-protected entries to different restricted areas for preventing unauthorized entries.

Dedicated IT Team

A dedicated IT team is something that should remain on standby 24 X 7 to fix any sort of server errors or system malfunctioning.

Stringent Data Security Policies

Possess the rules and regulations that guarantee the security of the data.

ISO Certification (ISO 20252, ISO 27001)

Guidelines that are used for maintaining the safety and confidentiality of the information and data.