31 Jan 2024 | Healthcare | blogs

An M&A Wave is Coming to MedTech: Are You Ready?

The MedTech M&A landscape experienced a second consecutive year of decline in 2023, witnessing reduced deal volumes compared to previous years. The focus among companies shifted towards smaller, tuck-in acquisitions during this period. Despite the subdued activity in 2023, indications suggest a resurgence in MedTech M&A in 2024, driven by the industry's imperative to grow and adapt to the evolving healthcare environment.

Following a phase of cautious strategic moves, a turning point has been reached, and a surge in M&A is anticipated for 2024.

What prompts this sudden upswing?

A confluence of factors is creating a perfect storm. Discover more insights and predictions in the comprehensive report. Keep in mind that navigating through an M&A wave demands both preparedness and agility. So, fasten your seatbelt, stay abreast of developments, and be poised to seize the opportunities presented by the crest of M&A activity in 2024!