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Data Visualization Consulting

It is extremely necessary for a leader to have his finger on the business pulse all the time, even when our data visualization experts are not working. Jasper Colin Research uses the industry leading business intelligence tools for building custom analytics and reporting solutions. Our data visualization experts help you in displaying meaningful key performance indicators (KPI’s) in a quick, clear and concise manner. Also, we are not limited to data visualization offerings as our expertise in data analytics allows us to consult on advanced analytics, big data consulting, and data management.

Interactive Business Intelligence

Jasper Colin Research provides you with the interactive data visualization produced through our powerful business intelligence tools so that you can slice and dice selected specific data points the way you want and visualize the story in a better way.

Custom Dashboards

Jasper Colin Research provides you with customized survey dashboards and helps you garner hidden actionable insights through various advanced functionalities such as filters, the trend across categories, among others. We provide you with custom dashboards for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer surveys.

Drill-down Analytics

Our data visualization consultants go deep-dive into your data to find various data patterns, clusters, gaps, outliers, among others to give a holistic understanding from a statistical point of view. Also, our advanced analytics team can provide you with a more detailed analysis using machine learning techniques such as regression, decision trees, neural networks, random forest, clustering etc.

Geo Visualization Analytics

Jasper Colin Research provides you with accurate geographic or positioning information by understanding your specific requirements and then providing it in an interactive visualization. We work closely with our clients to dig deep into the geospatial data for better decision making. Also, our geo-visualization research team provides you with actionable intelligence on various topics such as geographic coordinate systems, plate tectonics, terrain ontologies, among others.


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