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Information and Communication Technology

Jasper Colin Research experts have massive experience in being the favorite choice of market intelligence provider for the global ICT provider and consultants. We constantly strive for delivering GTM recommendations to leading IT players and Telecom companies, and channel partners supporting them to make faster innovation in their portfolio and more compelling decisions.

In today’s technology integrated world, ICT companies are aggressive to get real-time insights to understand buying behaviors of individuals and business decision-makers. Software and hardware vendors and digital service businesses are thriving to match the speed of innovation.

Our unexcelled technology-powered solution with rigorous analysis, highly itemized databases at our fingertips create the trusted functional and escalating intelligence that strengthens the predictions for the future and evade obstruction.

  1. Market Potential Assessment Studies
  2. Account profiling study
  3. Channel partner study
  4. Technology adoption study
  5. Brand perception study
  6. Market segmentation study
  7. Technology usage study
  8. Strategic telecom revenue model
  9. Customer Value Management
  10. Insights on pricing excellence
  11. Brand tracking studies
healthcare Healthcare


In the global healthcare industry remains as complex as ever. Centralized decisions are being made by various stakeholders, with the utmost supervision of healthcare companies to exhibit value in the market. For this, each industry player need to be vigilant preferring the appropriate channels of supply and right market segment to sell their product.

It’s been more than a decade for Jasper Colin Research, aiding Healthcare and Pharma clients with respect to their product’s value delivery, customer engagement, Go-to-market strategy and many more.

Internationally, we have become successful in making our presence strong by working on specialized medical technologies and pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare projects. JCR’s MedicalTech expertise span across improvising on tools and equipment, advanced diagnostics and digital health.

  1. Globalisation of brand
  2. Brand preposition
  3. Growth strategies
  4. Digital solutions monetization
  5. Physician Employee Satisfaction rate
  6. Patient Segmentation Analyses
  7. Medical Product & Device Distributor trend
  8. Disease Focused Patient Survey
  9. Competitive Intelligence medical Data Collection
Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

JCR helps to address and settle the most important barriers faced by the BFSI such as regulatory compliances, a default in credit, competitive strategies for alternative payment mode trends and technical analytics, etc.

Victorious industry rivals deliver differentiated and modified services to match the customers’ profile and psychology and drag their trust closer by prioritizing the transparency in every transaction as well as guarding the data.

We accomplished some research studies based on data gathered from industry trendsetters. Profound outcomes of these data insights help sponsor and comprehend the competitive strategic management of the credit potential and retail banking clients. Apart from business intelligence, JCR also offers designing of algorithm and advanced analytical tools, which helps to sketch out a new product and maintain demand consistency into existing product.

  1. Risk appetite of Credit
  2. Emerging alternative payment mode analysis
  3. Banking with chatbot
  4. Artificial intelligence transforming BSIF
  5. Pricing innovation in Retail banking
  6. Insurance: Advance Algorithm analysis
  7. Private equity analysis
  8. Cloud banking strategies
  9. Consumer & Business Insurance Customer Satisfaction
  10. Retail banking Customer Satisfaction
  11. E-Commerce adoption rate
  12. Consumer Credit Card Usage Surveys
  13. Corporate banking Loyalty & Satisfaction Research
  14. Investment Brokerage Customer Satisfaction


Worldwide, education sector has been changing fast as scholar’s demographics and attitudes transforms. Effectuation of new polices, technology advancement, and disruptive rivals’ emergence and remodelling are the overall industrial trends here.

As to conquer these overall trends our professionals from education industry initiated real time result-based research design which nearly extirpated traditional approach with the application of retention customer base strategies.

We design extensive integrated solution for dealing your convoluted business issues, Jasper Colin Research is collaborated with well-founded educational institutes, sourcing highly factual insights to analyse it further. Our team is alive and awake in discovering opportunities and supervising threat in this hardcore competitive market with innovative market research solutions covering Europe, America, Asia and rest of the world.

  1. Communications messaging research
  2. Strategic segmentation studies
  3. Educational attitude research
  4. Trend of online learning
  5. Educational Software usage
  6. Distance Learning Research
  7. Enrolment & Recruiting rate Research Studies
  8. Brand positioning studies
Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

JCR market analysis let you see your consumer through the shopper’s lens that enables you to make a better precise business decision and approbate us in designing worldwide market intelligence of food and beverages industry.

Our team of F&B industry expert opens the extended resources for their client to increase deep access to furthermore data than ever and use those practice to augment the demand of the overall product and turn your brand into customer-centric brand.

F&B providers require rich insights from their customers to collecting feedback from the market through mystery shopping and effective market campaigns. Our multi compatible panels solutions with a high accuracy rate of data sets transform an inordinate number of the local and global players by redesigning their bottom-line number into double-digit numbers.

  1. Sales & Marketing Strategy Development
  2. Price Sensitivity Studies
  3. Product Development studies
  4. Food & Beverage Pricing
  5. Concept testing studies
  6. Choice of Taste Studies
  7. Deciding Advertisement Policies
  8. Food & Beverage Packaging Analysis
  9. Brand Equity Research Analysis
  10. Direct and direct competitor’s preferences analysis


The tempestuous situation in the airline industry has extended industry operators with opportunities and questions on their business atmosphere. Currently, we are partnered with considerable counts of Aviation industry giants, to execute their worldwide project specialized in studies of tourist behavior transformation, positioning of their brand, etc.

Most of the time fuel price hike seizes the profitability of the industry globally, or misleading management of supply chain concludes the entire operation flow to the end. Considering all those disgruntled factors of the industry team JCR has culminated significant solutions such as:

  1. Domestic and international traveller’s tracker study
  2. Brand preferences tracking
  3. Analysis of supply and demand
  4. Tourist segmentation
  5. Passenger satisfaction
  6. Route development


Jasper Colin Research team holds prodigious and trend changing results in the Automotive industry, by conducting studies among suppliers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and service providers as well as accessories shops based on our diversified portfolio services. We deliver all-inclusive solutions related to marketing, pricing and sales intricacy that have a positive consequential and long-standing impact on our client's overall business growth.

As this industry faces current as well as momentous disruption, due to up-thrust price pressure and uncertain rise in the rivalry, we are centralizing our clients into the new era of automotive such as advanced automation, the shifting to electric cars, and exposure to self-driving cars.

  1. Improve Engagement of Customer
  2. Automotive Accessories purchase attitude
  3. Increase Lead Quality and Quantity
  4. Better Attribution of Leads to Sales
  5. Automotive Financing and Credit purchase behaviour
  6. Automotive Suppliers study
  7. Automotive Retail and Service Providers surveys
  8. Post-sale service satisfaction

Media and Entertainment

The media and entertainment industries are steadily questioned by the utter digital evaluation underlying media consumption and continuous changes in the people’s behavior and preferences. Apart from data insights, a well-implemented set of strategic plans are needed to target the right consumer at the right time with effective product messaging.

Media groups are highly recommended to recognize dynamics patterns of consumption and inspection of the content showed through different channels i.e., digital or traditional.

With extensive experience JCR experts are supporting media and entertainment companies by transforming huge cross-media data into strong relevant research insights by using our excellent analytics and high-tech solutions to coordinate and elucidate multi-data types.

  1. Validate Target Audience approach
  2. Find and Target the Appropriate Audience
  3. Evaluate Cross-Media Advertising impact
  4. Consumer online behaviour
  5. Website usability testing
  6. Advertising testing
  7. Social Media analytics
Public Sector

Public Sector

Providing goods and services to the public is the main concern of every nation’s economy, however, remodeling and continuing it effectively requires a lot of pressure on a tremendously higher budget.

Countless opportunities are residing in a global economy for adding increased revenue that could revolutionize the entire sector well. At Jasper Colin Research, we extend our intelligence is continuously sustaining government to optimize their policies and monitoring it on periodic span basis.

Our public sector expertise and competency have been revolutionizing this sector since an in-depth way, by consistent revenue escalation and facilitating strategic revenue management. We have been intensifying our expertise through providing solutions for more than 150 economies; such as cross-subsidizing systems and balancing funds between taxpayers and allocated resources.

  1. Perceptions of Governmental policies
  2. Valuation of specific business support initiatives
  3. Segmentation studies
  4. Impact evaluation of services
  5. Census surveys analysis


It’s a well-known fact that the acceleration of changes in retail industry is completely held by digital advance achievement, product feedbacks and study of consumer to access their desired platform anytime remotely. The distinctive variety of features in the products for the shoppers are prerequisite elements to establish your existence for your target audiences.

Jasper Colin helps to adopt swift innovation for this current dynamic retail world. Our aptitude relies on our ground-breaking approaches, such as device-agnostic surveys and well-integrated solutions. Through the application of our influential advice and ultra-practical insights, our partners are overwhelmed with us since long.

To stand out of competition, retailers must understand repeated as well as seasonal shopping behaviors and segmentation of their target groups. Our retail industry global research Intelligence team presents the integrated analytics to underpin your retail business at every point of time; from measuring your shoppers’ experiences and paths to purchase, to fuelling the future of the business with customers retail performance latest trends and strategic advice.

  1. Consumer loyalty
  2. Portfolio analysis
  3. Competitive analysis
  4. Mystery shopping
  5. Retail sale analytics
  6. Location screening
  7. Consumer behaviour
  8. Product and service research
  9. Price and promotion
  10. Customer knowledge
  11. Customer engagement
Real Estate

Real Estate

World class intelligence team build by JCR, locomotes into the depth of sector-specific interpretation, covering entire spectrum with the determination of analyzing thoughts of investors, developers, architectures, designers, engineers, contractors, project managers and anyone who is concerned with the decision making process. This enables us to customize your industry-specific solution and assists you in mastering strategies.

With the years of working intensively with our global clients, we are well instructed with the multiple dynamic market environment and disposition of the economies. Regarding our research practice, we instigated these are our pioneer solutions:

  1. Innovation & R&D
  2. Market & Competitive Intelligence
  3. Developing channel and market strategies.
  4. Defining service & material pricing

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