08 May 2023 | Financial Services | publications

Surviving the Downturn More-Than Ever Before, Your Preparedness Matters Now

(Released at DealMAX)

This paper tracks the current trajectory of the investment landscape that has undergone a fundamental shift driven by the assault of continued macroeconomic volatility,  geopolitical threats, and inflationary pressures. Institutional investors are losing confidence amidst growing risks and capital uncertainty leading to swinging valuations and declining returns, but not all is gloom and doom as opportunities surge for resilient value.

Capital markets worldwide are re-evaluating their allocation objectives after 2022’s inflection point forced a massive “strategy re-think” for dealmaking. The traditional lending downturn is paving the way for alternative credit’s expanding role in funding deals and filling the gap in the capital flow for small and mid-sized financial institutions. Fund Managers are seeking to unlock emerging opportunities and deploy the mounting dry powder to prop up investor confidence. 2022’s cyclical downturn poses some not-so-cyclical implications for structural shifts in the global asset markets going forward.