14 Mar 2023 | TMT | infographics

The big alliance of telecom and big tech: Is it the ultimate Metaverse Union of the future?

Big tech is all excited to architect its productization of the Web 3.0 phase of the Internet. With Metaverse (the concept of an immersive reality set to revolutionize socializing for humanity) having become one of the most prominent terms thrown around in this context, numerous experts are more excited about what it might imply for the telecommunications industry.

The market is increasingly curious about the role of traditional network operators in the post-modern reality of Metaverse in this Web 3.0 transition. Needs like low-latency communication and user equipment enablement are expected to pave the path for unprecedented partnerships for telecom and tech entities, as giants Meta and Telefonica already announced their partnership in 2022. This is despite the big tech's plans to enter telecom (as announced by giants like Google and AWS in 2021). Now, add in the element of competition where entities like Qualcomm have announced the expected release of smaller AR glasses between 2023 and 2025, while big-tech giant Apple is also expected to enter the landscape with its own VR headset. Thus, collaboration seems to be the inevitable outcome.

Hence, one is bound to ask what this assimilation of telecom in the metaverse architecture looks like.

Here's Jasper Colin's sneak peek into the global leaders' perspectives on the crucial areas of alliances for telecom with Big-tech.