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Transform Your Everyday

At JCR, life means articulating story where everyone makes an astonishing difference to their task

We enlist participants with superior skills, experience, and savvy. Their passion for creativity & knack for innovation is our
performance catalyst. JCR, expanding its talented, diverse and high performing workforce, offering opportunities for
everyone who fits our life.

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Be Relentlessly Progressive

With the abundant opportunity and latest technology of the market research industry, you are going to get a chance to work on projects covering every industry through which prospects will be developing transferable skills for the future. JCR opens your mind to so many cultures you sit here and enjoy to listen to many different accents.
  • Together we are irreplaceable(teamwork) We're a group of skilled and diverse individuals from everywhere throughout the world, Working together drives our curiosity. establishing effective communication across our global team and remote aspirant makes our project well-coordinated. Here, we value your ideas more than your title. This is how we learn, succeed and go far and far. JCR puts the best management practice to allow individuals working refreshingly and vibrantly. We celebrate winning performances every end of the month, as we all are committed to the common mission, making a genuine impact on the work that we love to do.
  • Live your life, beyond work(fun) At JCR Club, we’re go-getters, having an unquenchable desire of gathering the practicality for our commonplace tasks by touring the industries with our community. for which, we organize periodic events and conference meetups with the inspirational leaders. If you are also fun-loving, multitasking, or enjoy going out and sometimes become a good comedian, then JCR welcomes you at its Club. We have arranged a wide variety of events, and the number just goes up! Our team of creative minds is entertained with awesome indoor and outdoor games.
  • Happiness & satisfaction quotient (health consciousness) We are here as a family, we look after your physical and mental wellness through effective daily or weekly activities. ergonomics desk and chair at your workplace let you experience aesthetical serenity with an open collaborative workspace.

JCR cares / Community impact!

Jasper Colin endeavors not only to be superior as an organization but also to bring a positive social diversity in overall society. We strongly believe in start making the change with ourselves to make the entire world a better place.
  • personificationofgreenery Spreading awareness and superintendence about the environment which is one of the most unsettled subjects of the world. The initiative personifies the beauty and greenery of the environment recyclable technologies for possible impact and promotes tree plantation to accelerate restoration.
  • voiceforequality Last year, we celebrated International Women's Day with #voiceforequality, the initiative was taken by Jasper Colin to support the power of women's voices to live the way they want to, through this campaign we helped to drag down the negative attitude of people towards gender racism, also spread empowering messages about gender parity.

What dynamizes us!

  • global exposure
  • Affinity groups for all the passionates
  • JCR sponsored trainings
  • flexibility in role
  • self-empowerment
  • cross functional training

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